Cleverly packaged and sent to you at home

How we pack your new bathroom cabinet and whirlpool


Own brand cardboard packaging system for custom-made packaging.

Our packing logistics are environmentally friendly

We can programme our packaging machine individually for our needs. We pay special attention to protecting the environment. The size and form of the boxes are especially important: On the one hand a number of components should be packed inside for protection during transport. On the other hand, the box should be as small as possible in order to save on packaging material.

An individual packing size for every bathroom cabinet

Vanity unit delivered

Clever packing logistics.

We have found solutions as to how to deliver bathroom furniture reliably and at the same time save energy and resources to the advantage of the environment. As we produce the bathroom cabinets ourselves, we can also design the packaging. With perfectly fitting boxes we have reached this target. This way we don’t just save on transport costs but, more importantly,on raw materials and environmental resources.

info-symbolEmotion-24 Whole Environment concept: A large cabinet-maker works in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to the clever packaging we can show a great energy balance: the furniture production is CO2 neutral. For this achievementin 2015 we received the environmental prize as 'Klimaschutzbetrieb'. We also take part in the 'Dualen System' for the recycling of natural resources.

Flat packs of our self-assembly bathroom furniture to send via parcel post

 Flat packs save resources

Flat packs save resources.

Self-assembly bathroom cabinet

The majority of our bathroom cabinets are self-assembly units. Most deliveries consist of two flat-packs: cupboard with drawers and the corresponding wash basin. We pack many of the components necessary to assemble the cabinet within the wash basin. Please take note of the assembly instructions which you can download and are enclosed with every package.

A package or shipment – Delivery method according to packing size

Filling boxes is manual work

Filling boxes is manual work.

Emotion-24 has been a pure online shop since 2009. You save money by buying your bathroom fittings online and directly from the manufacturer. Our bathroom furniture and whirlpools are sent to Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain. Naturally, the delivery must be as quick as possible and uncomplicated. When the goods leave our production, we hand them over either to a parcel service or a haulage company. We work together with reliable service orientated partners.

info-symbolWhat happens when the goods leave our premises? Your successful order on our online shop triggers different processes which are described in our dispatch information. The term "product availability" is mentioned with reference to the expected delivery time.

Large consignment ready-packed on a pallet

bathroom cabinet villeroy and boch

Packaging custom-made for pre-assembled vanity unit with Villeroy and Boch basin.

Pre-assembled vanitiy units direct to your home

Some of our bathroom furniture is delivered pre-assembled with no extra cost to the customer. This is especially true for the premium category bathroom furniture and also for a variety of vanity units from the brands KERAMAG, DURAVIT and VILLEROY & BOCH.

Vanity unit delivered pre-assembled – ready to hang on the wall


Pre-assembled vanity unit.

The size and weight of the packaging have a huge influence on the transport and so on the method of delivery. Our aim is to deliver the bathroom furniture and wash basin safely and undamaged to you at home. Our experience shows that delivery on a pallet using a haulage company is the most reliable and secure method for delivery of our premium vanity units, most of the double vanity units and the pre-assembled vanity units.

info-symbolDelivery using a haulage company for large articles and pre-assembled furniture: Items which cannot be packaged are packed onto a pallet and are delivered to you at home. The haulage company arranges with you personally a time window for delivery. They deliver the goods to your curb. The pallet remains with you to be disposed of. dispatch information.

Safe and reliable transport on a pallet with a haulage company


Custom-made wooden surrounds for whirlpools.

Whirlpools in custom-made wooden surround

It does not need to be said that we send a large number of whirlpools using a haulage company. We pack our whirlpools safely in ashock resistant wooden surround. The wooden surround is custom-made and has no covered sides. For the protective filling between the wooden crate and the pool, we use left-over pieces of cardboard from the furniture packing.

Environmentally friendly: Careful transport packaging


Double vanity unit in a cardboard box on a pallet.

There is a custom-made box with a lid for every pre-assembled vanity cupboard. The vanity unit with softclose-drawers is pre-assembled and complete with the wash basin deliverd to you at home. We do not cut corners on the protective packaging. Our top priority is that the goods arrive undamaged.

We make sure that the bathroom furniture and the whirlpool are reliably and safely delivered to you at home.
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