Private bathroom photo campaign

Thank you for choosing Emotion bathroom furniture!

We devotedly designed and creatively developed your furniture and now we want to know what has become of our 'babies'. We would like to know how satisfied you are with your purchase of 'Emotion' bathroom furniture. Allow us the pleasure of seeing your bathroom!

Just take a photo of your bathroom and send us the picture by email, or post it on our Facebook Page

It's this simple:
1. Just take a photo of your bathroom.
2. Send the picture by email to:
or you can simply post the photo directly on our Facebook page: Emotion on Facebook

We just need the following details from you:

  • Your name and location
  • Which of our items of furniture you chose
  • A short caption for your picture

Taking part is worth your while!

As a token of our gratitude for your photo, you will receive EITHER a £50 Voucher Code £30 in cash credited to your bank account.

Tips for the perfect photo of your bathroom:

1. Preparation

  • Tidy up the bathroom first. Clearly visible furnishings with decorative accessories will give a much better effect than a cluttered bathroom.

2. Camera technique

  • Select a high resolution
  • Take the photo on a bright day, preferably not against direct sunlight.

Participation Conditions

Who is allowed to take part?
Anyone can take part, apart from Emotion staff. The participation of minors is only permitted with the permission of their parents or guardians.
You must have the rights to the photos and you may not send unrelated photos.
Entries are only valid if a short explanatory text, name and location will be accepted.
You are welcome to send multiple photos, but only one of these will be permitted to take part in the final adjudication.
Emotion reserves the right to alter or correct the participation conditions and competition rules. All decisions are final.

What pictures can participate in the competition?
The photo should show one or several of our products.
The pictures should display no date-stamp. Photos should preferably have a resolution of at least 1600 x 1200 pixels.
Emotion reserves the right to share photos or to erase photos.
Photos may be processed or edited by us.

What happens to your rights in your picture?
When submitting your photos, you surrender your possessive rights to the photo to Emotion. Emotion is also thus permitted to use the picture for advertising purposes. This will apply to our internet presence, social networks, other online mediums as well as to printed matter.

What happens to your personal data?
When submitting their entry and details, winners agree to the publication of their names (last name abbreviated) and their location.
In order to give you your winnings, we need to collect your contact details and when transferring cash, we also need your bank details. Such details will only be stored in our system until the end of the competition.

When do I win the voucher or cash?
You are only entitled to winnings when your pictures are published. You will only receive winnings once (even if multiple photos are submitted).
The submission of a photo does not mean that that particular photo will be displayed online and thus trigger a voucher or credit note.
Participants have no say in whether their photo is displayed on Facebook, or whether it is published elsewhere. Emotion reserves the right to decide how and when the pictures will be used.
Contact will only be made when the pictures are shown online, but not if we decide not to publish your submissions.
When a picture of yours is used, we shall let you know within 2 days of publication. You will then be sent a voucher code to use in our shop to the value of £50, or alternatively, you can choose to receive a bank transfer of £30.
All decisions are final.

So, happy snapping! We look forward to receiving your bathroom photos.
Your Emotion-24-Team