Whirlpool Set Ocean 150 Premium left without faucets

Made in Germany
W/H/D 150/57.5/70 cm


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Neck support
Flatjet jets - Nano jets
LED - effect lights
Low energy pumps
Product number: PTOCEAN150LINKS00XOA
Product information "Whirlpool Set Ocean 150 Premium left without faucets"

Small wellness wonder: The whirlpool Ocean
Suitable for 1 Person / People!

Advantages of the whirlpool-tub by emotion (Made in Germany):

  • Normly integrated LED light therapy.
  • Easy to use touch-control panel.
  • CE- approved electronic control box and control panel.
  • Regulated heating for a comfortable water temperature.
  • Specially for the whirlpool suitable PVC- hoses.
  • Water level sensor pump system with dry run protection.
  • Incl. ozone desinfection.
  • Mechanical self-draining with ozone disinfection ( less than 0,5% residual water) meets the highest hygiene standards.
  • Odour stop incl. draining residual water.
  • Pre-assembled, just connect.

Badge of quality " Made in Germany ":

Logo Made In Germany
  • Your very own Whirlpool hand built in Germany.
  • Low price, high-end and with guaranty.
  • You profit from our long experience in building whirlpools.

Whirlpool Indoor-Spa description of details:

Touch-control panel

STANDARD: Touch-control panel 220⁄230V
Touch-control display

LED light therapy

LED Underwater light therapy with gentle colour change.

STANDARD: LED light therapy spotlight

The underwater coloured lighting is highly rated and a popular feature. Chromotherapy is a part of the standard equipment for our Whirlpools. To start the chromotherapy simply activate the LED function on the control panel. The LED lamp is about 3cm in diameter and automatically red. Let yourself be surprised by the large color spectrum.


UPGRADE equipment: light strip LED diodes

LED Einzellampe NahaufnahmeLED Beleuchtung unter Wasser in verschiedenen Farben
UPGRADE: 10 LED lights across the sides of the pool (2x5)

On each side of the whirlpool LED light emitting diodes illuminate the water in all the colours of the rainbow. The colored light under the water surface creates a relaxing atmosphere. The LED light therapy helps to relax and rest. The colors changes automatically from red to green and blue. As usual, the lighting in the upgrade version can also be easily controlled via the control panel.


Massage function: jet fittings

STANDARD: hydro-jets at the side

STANDARD: 6 pcs. large hydro-jets at the side

The standard hydro-jets for the side regions are fitted inside and on both pool sides. With the joint ball in the middle the direction of the massage-stream can flexibly be adjusted. This is a part of the standard equipment.


UPGRADE: hydro-jets at the side

UPGRADE: 6 pcs. massage flat jets (flat line)

Replace the standard side jets to the flat and high quality side massage flat jets by Koller ( Austria).

  • Flat jets are almost flush with the inner surface of the whirlpool ( flat line)
  • High quality jet body of the flat jets: from a solid block of brass milled then chromed.

STANDARD-equipment: Back water jets

STANDARD: 1x4pcs. large hydro back jets

The back jets per back region have a strong massage stream. The jet head has an overall diameter of 3,9 cm each. They are standard for the whirlpool equipment.


UPGRADE-equipment: Nano-back water jets

UPGRADE: 10 pcs. hydro nano back jets (hydromassage) per back region (1x10)

Change to the high quality nano and filigree back jets instead of large jets per back region.

  • Intensive massage stream per jet throughout the ratio of the total jets.
  • Very fine jets , the diameter is 0,9 mm per jet (see comparative picture).
  • The small nano jets are virtually imperceptible at the back surface.
  • High quality material : chromed brass.

STANDARD-equipment: bottom air jets

STANDARD: 8 pcs. aero jets at the bottom

The standard aero jets of the tub ensure the popular whirlpool effect and let the water bubble nicely which creates foam. This is standard of our whirlpool equipment.


STANDARD-equipment: air mixing valve

STANDARD: more jet massage power with the Venturi effect

Air will be admixed to the water flow of the pipe system when opening the valve.The water pressure , with which the water from the jets is searching its way,rises and increases the massage effect impressively.Like this a discovery of fluid mechanism by GiovanniB. Venturi , is used with a tremendous effect. This miracle valve is standard for the whirlpool equipment..


Whirlpool-equipment: Filling via overflow

STANDARD-equipment: filling via overflow

whirlpools-armatur-upgrade-befuellung-ueberlauf-seitlich whirlpools-armatur-upgrade-befuellung-ueberlauf
STANDARD: filling via overflow

For our whirlpool variant "filling via overflow" an overflow component with two functions belongs to the standard equipment. Firstly it maintains the normal safety function of an overflow and lets water run out to prevent water from overflowing. On the other hand side the overflow has the filling function for your tub.


Technical equipment whirlpool

STANDARD-equipment: water pump

STANDARD: water pump

The standard water pump by LX with 1.5HP 220v⁄ 50HZ, <74, 9 db.(A), 333,3-400 L⁄min. This is standard equipment for the whirlpool.


UPGRADE-equipment: low energy water pump

UPGRADE: low energy water pump

Upgrading the water pump system is possible with the pump by Koller ( Made in Austria) 800W 220V/50HZ, <62db(A)350L/min.

  • low power consumption
  • mechanical residual water self-draining
  • smooth running operation

STANDARD-equipment: air pump

STANDARD: air pump

The standard air jet pump by LX with 500W 220V/50HZ,<71,11 db. (A). This is standard equipment for our whirlpools.


UPGRADE-Ausstattung: Air pump

UPGRADE: quieter air pump

Change the standard air pump to the air pump by Spatech 450W 220V ⁄ 50HZ, quieter than 59dB (A). 21400U ⁄ min at 1.600mm H2O water column.

  • Made in Germany
  • IPX5, 59 dB, smooth running operation

STANDARD-equipment: water heater

STANDARD:LX Heating: constant hot water for your Emotion whirlpool.

The LX Whirlpool heater is relatively energy efficient (1500 W 220 V ⁄ 50HZ) and it comes as standard with our whirlpools. Fill you pool with the desired water temperature and the LX Whirlpool Heater will keep the water at this temperature between 30°C - 40°C degrees. The Heater can be controlled easily from the control panel. This is standard for our whirlpool equipment.


STANDARD-equipment: Ozone disinfection is integrated

Hygiene Standard Made in Germany
Hygiene: More protection by the special construction of our whirlpools!

The integrated ozone disinfection ensures that a possible germs- and bacteria formation will be prevented. The hygiene standards of the whirlpools Indoorspa is well above EU-norm! A possible germs and bacteria formation is almost excluded by the special construction of our whirlpools. The mechanical draining only leaves a residual water content of less than 0,5% (allowable EU-norm: 2%).


UPGRADE warranty period: extension to three years

UPGRADE: EmotionPLUS warranty

For a full 36 months, we will extend the 24-month warranty for a surcharge, with a full 6-month warranty. During this time, we commit ourselves to ensuring the operation of all components of the entire spa. You may receive replacement parts for free and we will cover the cost of any repair of the spa. The condition is that the item has not been grossly misappropriated or changed by the customer.


Configure your whirlpool as to suit you:

How can I order my chosen upgrades?

My dreampool – Upgrade! It's that easy!

1. Add your pool to shopping cart.
2. The matching optional components are now displayed in the shopping basket.
3. Choose you desired upgrades when in shopping cart.

The new whirlpool at your home

Energy & Water – you need:

  Energy: 220V ⁄ 230V - 16 A - 50HZ

  Drain and Overflow: To connect the drain and overflow with your odor-stop to your waste water connection, you need a drain pipe with 50 mm diameter.

  Cleaning and und desinfection and drains out of the whirlpool: The disinfectant by Koller is particularly suitable for cleaning your hydro massage bath and is available in the optional item in the cart.


 Dimension: (L/W/H) 150 / 70 / 57 cm.

 Power of massage bathtub pool (STANDARD EQUIPMENT):

  • 6 pcs. large hydro-jets at the side,
  • 1x4 pcs. large hydro back jets (4 pcs. jets per back region),
  • 8 pcs. aero jets at the bottom (bubble effect).

  Material: bathtub made of sanitary acrylic placed on a solid frame with adjustable feet.

  Weight: 74 kg (without packaging), 82 kg (incl. packaging).

  Capacity approx. 150 liter water content (without person) to overflow.


Scope of delivery for complete whirlpool set - WITHOUT fittings:

  • Ready to connect whirlpool-tub (Made in Germany) with frame and height adjustable feet.
  • Set including pillow and tub cover.
  • 12V LED with automatically color changing light ( red, green, blue).
  • Air mix valve Venturi.
  • Drain and overflow valve for filling via overflow (3/4" - connection for the mixed water at the overflow) incl. odor stop for connection to the drain pipe.

Delivery by shipping company

  • You will be notified in advance by the forwarding company for the delivery of your whirlpool.
  • Delivery to curbside.
  • The whirlpool is packed up into a wooden box/crate.
  • The packaging remains with the customer.

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