Whirlpools: Quality and safety

Quality and safety of emotion whirlpools

Highest technical standards for our whirlpools

Our bathroom furniture is produced in accordance with the highest German standards, meaning we guarantee 100% hygiene and health to protect you and your family. Our whirlpools are manufactured in accordance with VDE, hygiene and CE standards. Key technical components also feature "Made in Germany" engineering you can rely on.

Internal quality controls

The functions and reliability of each whirlpool tub is checked prior to shipment. All jet nozzles are sealed with special silicon washers, which ensure long-lasting function and high quality. This allows our jet nozzles to be easily unscrewed, cleaned and refitted by hand.

Instant spare part guarantee

Every technical product used for domestic purposes can wear out. We're always there for you to supply you directly with spare parts, even once the warranty has expired.

German suppliers guarantee high safety and hygiene standards

We don't want to rival dumping prices, because it's simply not possible to provide a good, reliable and, most importantly, safe product complying with VDE safety standards at these sales prices. If you're looking to buy a wellness whirlpool online or from a building supplies store, you'll find lots of cheap products imported from asia, which supposedly have TÜV/VDE and CE certifications. It is crucial, however, for the entire construction to be approved, not just individual components. We purposely avoid buying parts from asia, as these could affect your health and safety.

What makes a reliable emotion whirlpool?

  • Full drainage of residual water, and hygiene
  • Built and tested in accordance with VDE100 and VDE700
  • Spare parts guarantee

What sets our emotion whirlpool apart from others?

  • Pleasant regular massage (hydro, air and floor jets)
  • Real ozone disinfection
  • Particularly lightweight construction
  • Optional: Particularly energy-efficient heating, blower and pump

Our service to you

Our hotline staff will gladly advise you on any of our products or our shipping process. Our top customer service has been a key factor in our success. The often anonymous Internet is given a human element through us – the Emotion team. We will gladly demonstrate our technical and qualitative competence to you every day.

We'd love to welcome you as an emotion customer and demonstrate our quality and competence to you.

Yours sincerely
Dominik Entelmann, Management